Consultation, data collection and analysis to the industry on improving or developing a better output in wide arrays of area.

  1. Chemical Engineering
    Chemical Process, Computerized Fluid Dynamic (CFD), Material Analysis, HAZOP Study,
    waste water

  2. Mechanical Engineering
    Material Failure Analysis, Metallurgy Vibration, Energy, Finite Element Analysis, Corrosion

  3. Civil & Environmental Engineering
    Structure, Soil Investigation, Traffic, Geo technical, Waste management

  4. Bio Chemistry/ Science
    Plant, animal feed study, tissue culture

  5. Mathematics
    Risk Based Inspection

  6. Manufacturing process and fabrication
  7. Electrical & Electronic
  8. Industrial Management
  9. Financial Consultant

What we have

  1. Certified and experienced experts in various fields from university and industry.
  2. Testing area, complete and proper machine, tools and utilities to analyze or diagnose issues on target area.
  3. Collaboration with other laboratories in order in delivering more comprehensive result.

Why choose us?

Ability to provide sufficient amount of man powers to perform task all over Malaysia to give consultation throughout the year.

Existing Clients

Area of service : Chemical process
Year : 2019-2020

Area of service : Rheology
Year : 2019

Area of service : Vibration
Year : 2019

Area of service : Civil engineering
Year : 2019

Area of service : Material/ mechanical Engineering
Year : 2019

Area of service : Plant Extraction
Year : 2019

Area of service : Biochemistry
Year : 2019

Area of service : Fabrication / Manufacturing
Year : 2017-2019